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About the Metagro Group

The Metagro Group consists of the independent companies Metagro Cabins, Metagro Plaatbewerking, Metagro Parts, and Metagro Special Coatings. Innovative, progressive and solution focused. Operates in many markets worldwide such as the offshore and industry markets. Based in Schelluinen.

Metagro Cabins develops and manufactures cabins, containers, sound insulation and enclosures. Both produced in series and custom-built to fit the customer's needs. Either delivered as a shell, or fully equipped with isolation, wiring and heating.

Metagro Plaatbewerking provides laser cutting and bending services. If desired, additional processing is provided such as threading and (liquid) coating. Metagro Plaatbewerking is characterised by high-quality machinery, flexibility, and an innovative web portal that makes requesting quotes easy.

Metagro Parts is a supplier of cabin components. At a competitive price and with quick delivery. Both for cabins built by Metagro and for cabins built elsewhere.

Metagro Special Coatings specialises in cathodic dip coating (CDC) and wet coating of both semi-finished and finished metal products. Housed in a production hall of about 5,000 m2. Opening in August 2015.

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